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SPECIALS recorder - Solar Lunar Soprano in c"

The Solar Lunar Sopranos are our special recorders for those who are interested in an instrument that fits their breathing type (inhaler or exhaler) best. For further information about the two types of recorder players please see here (PDF).

Artikel 1341 - Recorders Solar Lunar Sopranos in c"

Data for Recorder SPECIALS - Solar, Lunar Sopranos in c"

wood & price

type of woodarticlesoundCHF EURO
pear Solar1331earthy, warm132.00 114.00
pear Lunar1341earthy, warm132.00 114.00
article 1331 - pear Solar - Soprano
article 1331 - pear Solar - Soprano
Artikel 1341 - pear Lunar - Soprano
Artikel 1341 - pear Lunar - Soprano

characteristics & details

characteristics details
Blasdruck medium
Greifbarkeit convenient also for the right hand, Baroque handles
lenght32 cm
weight ca. 150g
outer shape design by Küng
block height medium
bore weit
Window medium
treatment inside paraffin
treatment outside oil

cis''' with fingering 12 something deep, better with 134th